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Lifting the curtain on whisky investment

Whisky investments have proved to be a high performing asset class, with prices reaching new highs in recent years. For new investors looking to enter the whisky market, it can be a daunting proposition due to the relationship-based nature of acquiring sought after whiskies. Highland Cask Group are uniquely positioned to guide clients new and experienced alike through the opportunities to invest in whisky, be that through individual & collectable bottles or entire casks.

Featured over the following pages is a comprehensive guide – it will cover the world of whisky cask investments, educating and informing prospective investors on the process, history and market performance of liquid gold.


An introduction to whisky investment

According to The Wealth Report from Knight Frank, rare whisky was the best performing collectable of the past decade, experiencing a meteoric rise in value of 58.6% per year over the past 10 years.

The Scotch whisky market is enormous. To the UK economy it is worth approximately £5 billion and accounts for around 25% of UK food and drinks exports with more than 90% of Scotch production sold abroad. Broadly speaking, the luxury whisky investment market is booming- genuinely rare and unrepeatable whiskies are what the market desires and as a result the potential for long-term growth is enormous as demand is increasingly high and supply finite.

Highland Cask Group Ltd maintain regular contact with Scottish distillers, bottling agents and experienced brokers of Single Malt Whisky and relishes the opportunity to search out that once-in-a-lifetime cask or bottle. If it exists we will hunt it down!

The opportunities in whisky extend beyond that of Scotch alone. Japanese whisky represents an opportunity for astute investors, with Karuizawa whisky standing at the top of the global whisky market, with the brand rising most in value compared to any other whisky in the world since 2013.


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