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How we started

The HCG Ltd team have come out the financial services industry before all meeting at one of the countries fastest growing whisky cask investment businesses. While there we realised that with our combined networks in Asia and Europe we could take advantage of the growing demand for ultra rare whisky.
We started buying whisky casks ourselves and laying them down before branching out and applying for our own license. This has allowed us to have greater purchasing power and offer casks to retail investors investing alongside the management team and benefiting from our established exits with hotel groups and investment houses in Asia. 


The services we offer

We keep a limited stock we only work with aged whisky casks from the leading distilleries. We offer a managed service and can also offer on request a non managed service that would allow customers to take receipt of a Delivery Order. 
We target an exit within 5 years with our shortest time line being 24 months with a minimum return on investment of 11% per annum. 


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