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The services we offer

We keep a limited stock we only work with aged whisky casks from the leading distilleries.

We offer a delux service that allows clients to receive a 10cl cask draw and visit their cask.

We can also assist clients with opening their own account although, however, this comes with a cost.

A 10 year scheme fully insured and stored is in place for every cask purchased.

How we started

We started buying whisky casks ourselves and laying them down before branching out and applying for our own license. This has allowed us to have greater purchasing power and offer casks to retail investors investing alongside the management team and benefiting from our established exits with hotel groups and investment houses in Asia.

About HCG

HCG Ltd was founded by Garnet Harrison Jnr after spending over 15 years in Financial Services across Asia and beginning his career with Schroder Asset Management Gartnet established HCG Ltd as an alternative investment manager.

Garnet is joined by Garnet Snr, his father, and formerly the Chairman of Tyndall Holdings and a board member at an array of ASX and FTSE listed companies, steering the firm.

The Harrison’s have a long history of returning value to investors and managing high growth companies. They are joined by Ben Price, who heads up the sales department and Ruby Cox, who co-founded the company with Garnet Jnr.

Highland Cask Group is part of M&C Corporation Ltd. and has offices in Edinburgh, Hong Kong, London and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Highland Group of Companies is actively involved in developing the transparency of the ownership structure for cask owners.

Our Team

Garnet Harrison Senior

Director Highland Cask Group Ltd (UK)

Garnet Harrison Snr is a highly accomplished individual with extensive involvement in funds management in Australia. Throughout his career, Garnet has played key roles in organizations such as Clayton Robard, Tyndall Holdings, ACL, Tiger Asset Management, Harbour Capital Limited, and Newport Funds. Notably, he served as the Chairman of the British Merchant Banking Group Tyndall and was instrumental in establishing Tyndall Australia, which grew to become the largest financial services group in the country.
Garnet Harrison Snr is recognized as a pioneer investor in emerging asset classes and territories, including being an early investor in China. His deep understanding of investment management is further bolstered by his status as a Chartered Fellow of the Stock Exchange, a testament to his wealth of experience in the field.
Currently, as a key member of Highland Cask Group, Garnet Harrison Snr brings over 50 years of investment management experience to the table. His expertise and insights are invaluable in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the global market. His involvement in political activities, combined with his extensive background in funds management, make him a highly respected and influential figure in the industry.

Hammad Kashif

Head of Operations

Hammad brings a potent blend of digital expertise and marketing savvy. A seasoned navigator of the online landscape, Hammad leverages cutting-edge tools to streamline workflows, optimize operations, and drive strategic growth. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for results, Hammad keeps Highland Cask Group at the forefront of efficient excellence.

Ruby Cox

Co-Founder and Shareholder

Ruby Cox is the co-founder and shareholder of Highland Cask Group Ltd (UK) and the owner of Highland Marketing Management (VN). With her extensive experience and expertise in the whisky industry, Ruby has played a pivotal role in the success of the group of companies.

As the co-founder of Highland Cask Group Ltd, Ruby was instrumental in establishing the company and developing the sales team in the UK. Her efforts were crucial in onboarding the firm’s retail clients and building strong relationships within the industry. Her deep knowledge of the whisky industry has been invaluable in guiding the company’s direction and ensuring its growth and success.

Currently, Ruby heads up the marketing efforts in Asia, specifically covering Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Australia. Her expertise and understanding of the luxury market have made her a well-known name in the region. She is frequently featured in magazines in Asia, discussing the growth of whisky, particularly in Vietnam.

In addition to her marketing responsibilities, Ruby also oversees the group’s bottling efforts. She takes on the responsibility of managing the company’s import and export operations into Vietnam, ensuring a smooth and successful distribution process.

Ruby Cox’s contributions to the Highland Cask Group Ltd and Highland Marketing Management have been invaluable. Her passion for the whisky industry, combined with her marketing expertise and knowledge of the Asian market, have positioned her as a respected figure in the luxury space.

Garnet Harrison Junior

Group Managing Director, Highland Group of Companies and Chief Investment Officer The M&C Corporation Ltd

Garnet Harrison is a highly experienced professional who has worked at Schroder Asset Management and Heidrick Struggles in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With a focus on market entry in developing markets, Garnet has advised and supported companies in various industries, including commodities, financial advisory, and change. His clients range from major financial institutions to Sovereign Wealth Funds and Trading Houses. Garnet’s expertise and contributions were recognized when he received the Corporate Community Award in Singapore from the Ambassador to Singapore of The United States of America.

Currently serving as a Managing Director at M&C Corporation, Garnet oversees an investment vehicle that has interests in non-energy materials, industrials, energy, and mining operations. His responsibilities include directing the ownership of Highland Cask Group Ltd, a platform for investing in premium casks.

With a strong background in investment banking and financial risk management, Garnet holds a degree in Politics and History from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He leverages his expertise to identify and evaluate investment opportunities, manage relationships with stakeholders, and optimize returns for investors. Garnet is passionate about driving innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges and opportunities present in the global markets.

Ben Price

Head of Sales

Ben Price is the Head of Sales at Highland Cask Group Ltd. With a decade of experience in the financial industry, Ben has worked as both an employee and a consulting director for several FCA regulated firms. He is a skilled Discretionary Fund Manager, proficient in constructing and managing investment portfolios across all risk categories. Ben has expertise in tax structures, SSAS Pensions, compliance, and management. He has successfully introduced investment offers for MedTech start-ups seeking funding. Ben has held positions as a Compliance Consultant at Moneyfex Ltd. and a Corporate Investment Consultant at The Landlord’s Pension (TLP). He has also served as a Director and Discretionary Fund Manager at Integral Asset Management Ltd. and as a CF1 & CF30 Director at Up Way UK Global International Ltd. Prior to these roles, Ben gained experience in trading, foreign exchange brokerage, sales, and customer care. He holds a Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management – Level 4 from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and continues to pursue studies at the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).

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