Everything you need to know about whisky prices

The Apex 1000 index of rare whisky increased by 30% and that the overall value of collectable whiskies went up by 62% in the last year.

Everything you need to know about whisky prices


This blog will outline everything you need to know about whisky prices. The Apex 1000 index of rare whisky increased by 30% and that the overall value of collectable whiskies went up by 62% in the last year.

Additionally, the average bottle price jumped from £299 to £377 between 2017 and 2020 and the number of bottles sold for over £10,000 rose from 91 in 2017 to 265 in 2019. This suggests that now is the best time to get involved before initial investments climb any higher. The Rare Whisky report 2020 shows that investment isn’t the main reason for second-hand whisky purchases for more than 80% of collectors. People buy whisky because they love drinking it and they’re willing to pay ever-increasing amounts of money for the pleasure. For those who are fans of whisky but more interested in the return on investment, the health of the market makes this the ideal time to start investigating rare and collectable whiskies up for grabs.


Whisky Prices – Market Over the Past Five years

The market performed exceptionally last year but this is only one year in a persistent trend over the past five. The Apex 1000 index has appreciated by 162.91% since 2014, outstripping gold by over 150% and the FTSE by over 160%. As the interest in alternative investments continues to build, whisky is unparalleled in its performance.


Best Distilleries

For new investors, the best bet for safe investments is in well-known distilleries which already have a reputation for investable whisky. The top 10 in the investor rankings for 2021 are: Bowmore • Brora • Springbank • Macallan • Glenugie • Laphroaig • Ben Wyvis • Killyloch • Clynelish • Dalmore


Generally, more limited expressions from the distilleries will do well as collectors know that the whisky is top-quality and that their value is more stable. However, investors looking for more high-risk opportunities might want to consider the trend forecast for the next few years and choose distilleries on the rise or desirable flavour profiles to build their collection.


Glenugie, Laphroaig and Clynelish all saw considerable rises in the table in 2020, rising 12, 22 and 22 places respectively. This shows an interest in more second-tier distilleries which can also be seen in the first half of 2021.


The half-year 2021 report picks the top 10 as: Springbank • Brora • Glenugie • Bowmore • Ben Wyvis • Dalmore • Macallan • Port Ellen • Rosebank • Ardbeg


Though many of the same names feature, this shows quite a dramatic shift halfway through the year. Distilleries on this list aren’t likely to fall too far from favour but, as with all investments, there are clearly some risks in putting faith in the value of the brand alone. Glenugie has shown even more improvement since the end of 2020, rising all the way to third place. Distilleries like Dalmore, Ben Wyvis and Ardbeg could continue this tendency over the next few months, making them optimal targets for investors.


Our Inventory currently includes:

The Macallan, Dalmore, Caol Ila, Highland Park, BenRiach and Bowmore.


Our focus remains on a small inventory of ultra rare casks from investment grade distilleries. Casks we own alongside our investors, sharing the investment journey.


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