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Registered Owners of Duty Suspended Goods

Held in Excise Warehouses Registration Certificate

Details of Registered Person

Departmental Trader Registration Number: 408 2416 18 0001
Excise ID: GBOG408241600
Effective Date of Registration: 12/06/2023
Name: Highland Cask Group Ltd
Address: Minster View, York, YO1 7LS
Trading Name: N/A
This certificate confirms that you are registered as an Owner with effect from the date shown. It
also summarises the key registration information held about you by HM Revenue and Customs.

Conditions and Restrictions

If the certificate contains any errors or omissions, please notify HM Revenue and Customs in writing at the above address, quoting your Departmental Trader Registration Number. If there are any subsequent changes in the details shown, you should notify HM Revenue and Customs in writing at the address below within 7 days of the change:

Excise Processing Teams (EPT)


You are approved to store:
• Spirituous Beverage


You are reminded that legislation exists relating to the deposit and holding of goods in duty suspension in an excise warehouse.

Company No.: 13666515

VAT No.: 408241618

HMRC Excise ID: GBOG408241600

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