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How easy is it to exit the investment?

As a global market with 200 countries participating in its trade, the Scotch whisky investment market offers high liquidity through a multitude of exit strategies, both domestic and international. With trade levels for whisky growing year-on-year, demand for premium casks has increased significantly resulting in quick and efficient exits when required. Currently, the average execution time for clients cashing in their positions stands at 4 days, although this can vary depending on portfolio size. Commonly, Highland Cask Group will be able to make a cash bid on the day and clients can have the whole process wrapped up within 48 hours.

For portfolios being traded on the international market, Highland Cask Group  have access to a diverse worldwide network of collectors, auction platforms and distilleries and take great care to ensure that all stock positions offered to clients are easily saleable. Such is the demand for high end whisky cask portfolios that clients can expect to receive acceptable offers on their portfolios prior to the conclusion of their intended investment duration.

Exit Strategies

The primary exit strategies provided by Highland Cask Group to our clients include:


Third Party Auction Sales

Ultra exclusive stock sourced by Highland Cask Group have enormous global appeal in the treasured asset market and, as such, would readily be included in auction sales held by the likes of Bonhams and Christies.

Internal Auction

Highland Cask Group will soon launch its own online auction serving as an intra-client trading platform introducing exposure to 1,500 potential buyers at any time.

International Buyers

Highland Cask Group are approached daily for specific, often super premium, casks and are viewed as the go-to company for casks unavailable on the open market including those from silent distilleries.

Cash Bid

Highland Cask Group are a debt free and cash rich company and can provide an on-the-spot cash bid for casks.

Independent Bottling

Highland Cask Group can manage your asset, independently bottle your stock, and trade the bottled stock on both domestically and internationally. This option, ordinarily reserved for ultra-premium assets, can often yield exceptionally high returns.

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