How to make money in Whisky

Not all Whiskies are alike, certainly not all offer a return. Starting with a superior product removes elements of risk.

How to make money in Whisky


Want to know how to make money in whisky? Keep reading.


Not all Whiskies are alike, certainly not all offer a return. Starting with a superior product removes elements of risk.


Let’s look at the facts and analyse the situation. Whisky has been around for centuries and always will be part of our drinking culture. Whisky is a good, not an asset, it has an end use, to be drunk. As with all things in life higher quality equates to a higher price. The current trend in the over bloated whisky investment arena is for New Make Spirit. These casks have no value on their filling other than the wood, some water and malted barley. The fill value is approximately £275-300. If whisky appreciates at 10-15% you’ll have to wait a very very long time for this New Make Sprit to have significant value. Additionally, if these are being sold to the ‘blender’ market for low value blend bottles with no age statement 3-5 year casks are what the blenders require and they wont pay over the odds – they have duty costs and bottling prices.


Profit can be made with whisky casks. Very few can access rare casks that offer margin for profit. The casks come off the secondary market, they are rarely available. The casks must be gauged and assessed and priced to match the alcohol content and brand value. The exit or sale can only realistically be into parties that look to produce fine and rare bottles. Hotel groups, independent bottlers, auction houses. Mass market goods are never top priced goods.


Distilleries that perform well and have huge added value for investors are few and far between. Look for casks that offer something unique or have brand cache.


We have 33 casks of Dalmore 2016 available. You can request a draw sample. Visit the cask. We can assist you in re racking your casks in sherry finished barrels or even a rum cask. Make your whisky investment work by working your investment.


We only deal in rare aged casks from investment grade distilleries.


Clients can own a maximum of 5 casks as per the HMRC requirements.


We own half the stock we buy and sell on half to our customers. When we exit our positions we will advise you do the same.


Portfolios can be built from £8,000 upward.


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