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Whisky Investment as a Hedge Against Inflation

“Whisky has proven to be an excellent inflation hedge over the past decade,” said Garnet Harrison. “As an asset class, rare whisky has significantly outpaced inflation and conventional investments like stocks and bonds.”   Inflation is a persistent economic problem that can erode the value of your savings over time. As a result, investors are

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How Whisky Can Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

“The luxury whisky investment market is booming. The market seeks genuine, rare, and unrepeatable whisky. As supply is finite and demand increasingly high, the potential for long-term growth is enormous,” said Garnet Harrison. Investing in a diversified portfolio is a wise decision for any investor. It is a well-known fact that diversification can help mitigate

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cask investment focus

Cask Investment Focus

Top 10 Whisky Distilleries show projected 13 – 20% returns annually, and investors who select casks from distilleries towards the top of the Distilleries League Table can be projected to double their initial investment.

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why whisky investment

Whisky Investment – Why Now and Why Whisky?

The global landscape of investments has changed dramatically in recent years, with the general public now having a greater ability to take trading in to their own hands and invest and trade in a range of commodities through online platforms and investment advisors.

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