Investment Process

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The journey begins

All Whisky casks provided to our clients are owned by Highland Cask Group Ltd- we do not operate on an ‘Option to Sell’ basis. Where you see a stock listed for sale, it is owned by us. We have assessed its profitability and have purchased it, regardless of whether it finds its way to client or remains within our stock portfolio.


Cask Selection

Once you have spoken to your cask broker and you have made a decision as to your comfort levels for investment, your Portfolio Manager will provide a stock recommendation by the way of a Proposal’, detailing the specifics of the casks. A signed copy is needed alongside Anti Money Laundering Documentation (Photo ID and Utility Bill).


Transfer of Funds

Your funds are to be transferred in a timely fashion by way of bank transfer or payment can settled via credit or debit card.


Transfer of Ownership

Once we have received signed paperwork and funds have been transferred in full, you are issued with a receipt, your Unique Cask Number and details of the HMRC regulated bonded facility in Scotland currently warehousing your cask.


Cooling-off Period

Shortly after this a member of our management team will contact you as part of our compliance process to ensure that you are happy and that you have received a high standard of professional service. 

As this call ordinarily occurs within a seven day period of your investment, the Distance Selling Act ensures that you have the right to a refund should you feel unhappy with the purchase.


Ongoing Support

Your Portfolio Manager will then maintain regular contact with you, updating you on any developments with your cask and the whisky market in general.


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