Why own a cask of Whisky?

HMRC's February release casts some light on the ups and downs of 2021 by completing the full year's export figures.

Why own a cask of Whisky


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HMRC’s February release casts some light on the ups and downs of 2021 by completing the full year’s export figures.
After hitting a 10-year low in 2020, exports of Scotch whisky by volume shot up 20.8% to an all-time high, with over 380 million litres leaving the UK. The value of whisky exported climbed back 18.6% as well, to £4.5 billion. After most distillers put the brakes on in 2020.

Leading the charge is Latin America, where exports have risen by a staggering 70.7% in the year. Brazil, the largest market in the region, shot up over 80%, with almost 23 million litres reaching its shores from the UK.

Elsewhere, the Asian market continues to look strong, with exports up 22%. In China, exports climbed a massive 60.1%.


Whisky – Cask Forecasts.  


Using historical data from Whiskystats and the BC20 we have created a forecast for our Glenrothes casks. Glenrothes represents an outstanding cask investment opportunity being the sister distillery to The Macallan and from Speyside, the top performing region.

Glenrothes 2011 Hogshead – Purchase Price £14,400.00

Glenrothes 2011 Hogshead – Sale Price £25,490.05

This is a five year forecast that is geared toward a 5 year hold. All our casks are sold with 5 years of storage and insurance. Casks sold within the bonded facility are CGT exempt. The forecast also factors in the casks passing their 15th anniversary a significant landmark in the life of a cask.


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